Cybersecurity Solutions

Tailored all-round cybersecurity solution to protect your environment

Integrity Labs dedicates to provide a comprehensive security solution to fulfill your needs with our security expertise.

Active Directory (AD) Protection

With the high popularity of cloud applications, mobile devices, and remote access, The root of the Identity control - Active Directory is being targeted. Integrity Labs's identity-driven AD protection solution provides comprehensive protection and assessment to keep you away from danger.

Brand Protection

Cybersecurity is not only concerning internal network safety anymore, there are a tremendous of online threats like social engineering happening every minute. Our brand protection solution using its proprietary AI and big-data based technology to secure your external network.

Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR)

As file-based malware is changing quickly, detection is hard to handle zero-day attacks. Our CDR solution offers known and unknown malware protection by generating malware-free files to prevent zero-day attacks.

Email Security

To prevent any malicious email threat into the network, Integrity Labs provide an email security solution that integrates the best end-user control and technology control together which the market does not have.

Extended Detection and Response  (XDR)

Managing thousands of separated network devices, security platforms are miserable to administrator. Integrity Labs introduces an intelligent XDR that helps to integrate all the real-time data and output the visualized information across the whole enterprise enhance the performance.

Endpoint Protection

To handle zero-day attacks, detection is not enough to handle the breaching anymore. Integrity Labs introduces a proactive approach to block zero-day attacks securing your assets.

Identity Access Management

As the enterprise boundary is expanding very fast, it is hard to control the identity access into the internal network. Our identity access management solution escalates your existing privileges and guards your resources access.

Network Security

Integrity Labs provides professional setup services and industries-leading grade firewall to clients with our comprehensive maintenance services.

Wifi Security

Most IoT devices are not designed for security purposes, it has a vulnerable interface and backdoor in the product itself. some of the wireless connections connect to the internal network becoming a hidden vulnerability. our solution is to secure your air space to prevent malicious IoT activity and policy violations.