Morphisec is the world leader in providing advanced security solutions for midsize to small enterprises around the globe. Morphisec simplify security and can automatically block modern attacks from the endpoint to the cloud. Unlike traditional security solutions relying on human intervention, Morphisec solutions deliver operationally simple, proactive prevention. Morphisec protects businesses around the globe with limited security resources and training from the most dangerous and sophisticated cyber attacks.

Moving Target Defense

Morphisec's patented moving target defense technology is designed to provide end-to-end protection against the most damaging cyberattacks. With the power of moving target defense, attackers are unable to accurately identify the resources they need to leverage in order to evade your current defenses. This proactive cyber defense solution guards your critical systems with a lightweight, easy to install agent that doesn't require any updates to keep securing critical infrastructure.

Morphisec's patented moving target defense technology is designed to provide end-to-end protection against known attacks as well the most sophisticated fileless attacks, in-memory exploits and zero days.

Morphisec Guard

Zero trust is a critical method of protecting networks and user access. But no vendor has brought its blocking power to the endpoint. Until now. Morphisec Guard is the only solution designed to protect critical applications from threat actors and evasive techniques that hide from detection-based solutions. All without the need for prior knowledge.

  • Morphisec Guard proactively blocks evasive threats; there is no detection system involved 
  • Zero trust at runtime means evasive threats can't gain persistence in corporate systems. 
  • Morphisec Guard's zero trust at runtime capability saves resource-strapped IT teams time and money


Morphisec Keep (Server Protection)

Antivirus and EDR  tools were not designed to protect servers and Application controls are insufficient to secure against advanced attacks. According to Gartner's Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) recommendation, it is more essential for organizations to implement a zero trust run-time protection solution over AV/EDR in order to remove the risk of malicious code executing on servers that span across on-premise, virtual machines and containers.

Enter Morphisec Keep, our server protection solution that extends the lightweight agent of the Morphisec platform to securing your most critical assets -- whether they run on Windows, Linux, on-premises, cloud, or hybrid.