Case Study

IRONSCALES A Self-learning Email Security Platform To Stop Tomorrow’s Phishing Attacks Today

Customer:                          Tai Kwun (THE JOCKEY CLUB CPS LIMITED)

Project Nature:                 Deploy email security solution and phishing awareness training

Company size:                  Around 300 staff

“I would recommend the IronScales solution as it effectively enhances our employees' ability to spot phishing emails and helps us block suspicious emails, thereby significantly reducing potential risks to our company.”

By Alex Tse, Head of ICT, Tai Kwun


  • There is a large amount of sensitive data
  • Proliferating phishing attacks
  • Expensive and time-consuming phishing remediation


  • IRONSCALES, the self-learning, AI-powered email security solution that fights phishing in the inbox
  • Phishing simulation & security awareness and training programs through the IRONSCALES platform


  • Reduced workload burden on IT team
  • Empowered employees to report with real-time feedback
  • Expedited phishing detection, mitigation and remediation



Tai Kwun had noticed phishing attempts entering its systems, with hackers trying to email spoofing attack. Tai Kwun IT team didn’t have time to detect and remediate email threats manually.



Tai Kwun was looking for a solution to fight phishing threats that would be cost-effective while providing enterprise-level protection. I-Labs helped to deploy POC (Proof of Concept) testing at Tai Kwun, Tai Kwun users had experienced with the IRONSCALES solution that demonstrated just how many threats were entering the network and being remediated by IRONSCALES.

The team was impressed with the speed and simplicity of implementation, with the solution installed into around 300 inboxes within a matter of hours.




Results were observed after implementation, Tai Kwun noticed a significant difference in both user inboxes and staff workflows. Armed with real-time visibility of incoming threats, Tai Kwun IT team has seen a boost in staff productivity. IRONSCALES uses AI to auto-triage email threats, cluster attacks, and bulk remediate instantly, removing malicious emails from inboxes automatically and at scale, affording the team greater peace of mind.  Tai Kwun no longer needs to trawl through logs and dedicate hours to manual remediation; the solution simply acts as soon as a threat arises and notifies the relevant staff members in real-time, rather than weeks later.


In the past 3 months since implementing the complete solution, IRONSCALES has inspected over 517K Wof  emails, resolving just under 212 phishing incidents, and automatically remediating almost 1K malicious emails. By utilizing the phishing simulation and training features of IRONSCALES, Tai Kwun has also been able to vastly improve email security awareness among the staff base. Sending out simulations once a month, the Tai Kwun IT team can identify which users from which departments need training, pinpointing specific areas of weakness.


Looking Ahead


Alongside continuing to use IRONSCALES’ email security solution as the business grows, the Tai Kwun team is looking at ways to further personalize phishing education programs, catering future simulations on how each department uses email and the different attacks they face. Tai Kwun is also looking to put together a formal phishing training process for new hires, ensuring that the entire organization knows exactly what to look for and how to report phishing fast.